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We are looking for a Research Scientist with expertise in deep learning, computer vision, speech and language understanding to conduct advanced research for machine learning, computer vision, and natural language.


Los Angeles /  Remote




  • Conduct advanced research for machine learning, computer vision, data mining, and natural language understanding

  • Lead research projects, design and plan experiments, define requirements, iterate fast and execute.

  • Collaborate with other colleagues to apply research results to prototypes and real-world applications

  • Quickly prototype new ideas/technologies to create proof of concept and demos

  • Contribute to the organization’s strong drive to be on the cutting edge of technology through the generation of patentable ideas

  • Summarize research findings in high-quality papers and make submissions to top-tier conferences

  • Aggregate recent ML research papers and adapt those models to real world products

  • Implement regularization techniques such as but not limited to Dropout, weight decay, generative pre-training


  • Masters or PhD in Computer Science or related discipline (with focus on Machine Learning)

  • Proficient programming skills in Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc.

  • Experience in morphable meshes, differentiable rendering, 3D face reconstruction, multi-attribute image classification and visual embeddings.

  • Technically deep in the principles of building large-scale machine learning systems

  • Experience with deep learning and neural networks

  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals in data structures and algorithm design

  • Strong fundamentals in applied statistics and probability

  • Experience with both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models

  • Familiar with ML algorithms such as but not limited to Regression, Classification, Clustering, etc.


  • Self-directed, flexible, goal oriented and strong sense of ownership

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills;

  • Experience presenting complex technical information, succinctly, to technical and non-technical audiences

  • Experience and familiarity with multi-task learning

  • Experience and familiarity with natural language generation

  • Articulates pipeline needs for developing new technologies to improve asset workflows

  • Ability to solve problems creatively

  • Demonstrates comfort with uncertainty and complexity and adapts to change efficiently and effectively

  • Communicates and listens effectively to focus on team goals

What we offer

  • Competitive rates

  • Remote work

  • Flexible hours

  • Training and career advancement

  • Fast paced positive environment

Who You are

The ideal candidate:

  • Proactively seeks opportunities to elevate quality

  • Enjoys learning emerging technologies that improve the pipeline

  • Embraces constructive feedback

  • Thrives in a highly collaborative environment

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