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We are looking for a Tech Artist with extensive experience in Unreal and Unity. You will work closely with the Art Director, Concept team, Senior Character Artist, and Technical Leads to create amazing 3D artwork in engine, define workflow standards and support the technical development of 3D visual assets for various projects.




Contract to hire

What You’ll Do

  • You will actively participate in the research and development of the technical methods and pipelines designed to add new design-driven features unique to the project.

  • You will guide external partners to deliver work that meets the project standards.

  • You will report to a Development Director of the Design team.


  • Work with high quality digital human assets in Unreal and/or Unity

  • Create technical pipelines for import/export, real-time render setups, custom blue-prints etc

  • Responsible for final output from Engine, including real-time interactive playback and real-time rendering scenarios

  • Research and implement custom and existing solutions including but not limited to ML Deformers, Alembic and USD implementation, hair and dynamic cloth systems, and the highest quality real-time shaders and materials.

  • Solve for aesthetic and technical challenges with the Character and Technical Art teams

  • Participate in critiquing your work and the work of other artists


  • Strong understanding of 3D art workflows

  • Strong experience using Unreal, Unity and Maya

  • Experience in 1 or 2 of Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Look Dev, Lighting and Compositing

  • Ability to learn new tools and techniques.

  • Articulates pipeline needs for developing new technologies to improve asset workflows

  • Ability to solve problems creatively

  • Demonstrates comfort with uncertainty and complexity and adapts to change efficiently and effectively

  • Communicates and listens effectively to focus on team goals

What we offer

  • Competitive rates

  • Remote work

  • Flexible hours

  • Artist centric culture

  • Training and career advancement

  • Work with and learn from the best artists in the field

  • Fast paced positive environment

Who You are

The ideal candidate:

  • Proactively seeks opportunities to elevate quality

  • Enjoys learning emerging technologies that improve the pipeline

  • Embraces constructive feedback

  • Thrives in a highly collaborative environment

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